Kaiserschützenweg: Explore along the footprints of the past

A nature adventure combined with relicts from days gone by awaits hikers on the newly revitalised Kaiserschützenweg in Nauders. Along the exciting, moderately difficult mountain trail, informative display boards tell of the history of the First World War and the significance of the Reschen Pass as an Alpine crossing.  

Fallen posts and accessible rock caverns high above Nauders provide a silent witness to the events of the First World War which came to an end almost 100 years ago. Back then, the loyal Imperial infantry, known as the "Kaiserschützen", were tasked with defending the borders and thus became the namesake for today’s themed trail. Built to protect Tirol as part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, walkways and trenches were once constructed, the forest cleared to provide an unrestricted view, barbed wire put up and caverns (accessible hollows) were dug out deep in the rock to provide accommodation for the soldiers.

In-depth & informative

The revitalised trail leads from the Nauders fortress along a 2.5 kilometre-long and 500 metre-high steep slope across rocky forest up to the former weir in Sellesköpfe, the remarkable highlight of the circular walk. Whilst walking along the partly craggy rocks and well-tended tail, hikers encounter dilapidated posts and rock caverns from olden times. 30 display boards provide in-depth information about the history of the Kaiserschützen and the Tirol region. They detail true stories and dramatic events. The historical Nauders Fortress, built between 1834 and 1840, remains the only fully-preserved fortress from the age of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Together with the Kaiserjäger memorial site, its marks the start and finish of the Kaiserschützenweg trail.


Charming trail with a view

“Natural” views are available along the impressive and scenic trail. Along the trail, hikers can enjoy wild, romantic Alpine nature with views of other cultural highlights in the region. One can see far beneath the gorge of Finstermünz and Altfinstermünz with its medieval border fortifications and view of the distinctive tall tower “Hoher Turm” (1,550 m). However, the panoramic views from the Reschen Pass of the Tirol Oberinntal valley, Engadine and Nauders all the way to the Ortler Alps are just as impressive. Anyone wishing to relax and review the experience should head for the Norbertshöhe Alpine guest house situated along the trail.

“Moderately difficult” mountain trail

The moderately difficult mountain trail winds through Alpine terrain and is narrow, steep and exposed. This trail is only suitable for confident hikers with the appropriate footwear and experience. Not suitable for small children! Information about the condition of the trail is available from Nauders Tourist Information on +43 (0) 50/225 400

Since the risk of falling stones due to wild animals or thawing cannot be ruled out, please take care when climbing.

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