Highlights in Nauders am Reschenpass


Characterised by the most beautiful Alpine flower

The Nauders Edelweiss Way owes its name to the most botanically magnificent location on the Reschen Pass: Meadows covered in Edelweiss line the path and draw attention to perhaps the most well-known protected Alpine flower. From the access point via Parditsch towards Bazahler Kopf and via Labaun towards Fluchtwand, seasoned mountain climbers can enjoy the 0.5 km-long trail around 130 metres in height. Sturdy shoes, good equipment and experience of Alpine terrain is required to safely conquer the black marked hiking trail.

Nauderix Gold Water

Water experience world at Bergkastel

Dazzling entertainment for families. How do you pan for gold? How does an Archimedes screw work? And what does a forest xylophone actually sound like? 

Water play world

Right by the Bergkastel Restaurant in Nauders at 2,180 m, play, fun and excitement combine in pristine scenery using natural materials. Bucket wheels, mills, small waterfalls, gold pond, water tipper, giant sand pit, dams and much more show the element water in all its many facets in the water play world. Where there’s water, there’s sand: You shouldn’t have to go without a giant sand pit with climbing frame.


Experience pathway

An exciting pathway circuit stimulates the senses, magnificent views of Nauders included. See, feel, hear, smell the nature of the high Alpine region - this pathway is an experience for all ages. And at the end, there’s the challenge of a low-rope garden, with different slack-lines and a “high-wire” balancing act. Explorers young and old can take a break on the way at the Waldesruh rest area. And there’s more: Despite the exposed site in Bergkastel, the area is pushchair accessible!

3 Country Enduro Trails

Nauders on the Reschen Pass will get under your skin with its in part completely new unspoiled, varied single trail tracks. When it comes to two-wheel transport, the “wheel of time” is always turning in Nauders. And Enduro is absolutely top of the pile in the mountain bike community when it comes to sport and above all, fun. From the woods to stony terrain, from tree roots to forest tracks, the Tri Country region has got it all, not so steep and precipitous, but still challenging. Very convenient: If you wish, the mountain railways - actually free with the Tri country Summer Card Gold- bring bike and rider to the top, no sweat, and you can just “let the good times roll” to the bottom.

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