3 TRAILS “Nature-Culture-Water”

A new tourist attraction in Nauders awaits all visitors interested in nature and history. Three trails have been “combined” to create a fascinating hiking experience. Visitors can experience: a Waal steeped in history, varied mountain scenery and a unique moor lake.

Nature and water live together in perfect harmony. Add a little culture to the mix and the perfect offer exists for guests who want to find out more about the landscape and history. Families with children and solo hikers will enjoy this trail at the foot of the Pizlad (2,808 metres) in Nauders.

A free app informs all guests of the contents of various stations in German, Italian and English. CAUTION: The app needs to be downloaded before visiting the trail.


The nature trail leads through idyllic mountain scenery across multiple moors and stretches of water. Hikers can reach the starting point by using the Mutzkopf chairlift, which conveniently takes you to the mountain restaurant. The starting point is just a short walk from there. A total of six stations with animal sculptures, designed and created by local artist Christian Waldegger, provide information about the diverse life in these mountains.



As a product of the ice age, lake Schwarzsee can rightly be described as such. Nowadays, it serves as a home for many species of animal and plant. Visitors can particularly enjoy sighting the frogs, which are prevalent during spring. The lake trail around this peaceful oasis provides information about nature’s special features and its significance for science. Hikers also learn important facts about the different uses of nature throughout the past century. The lake was also used as irrigation for the Nauders pastures.



The “Culture Trail” presents culture spanning more than a century along the so-called lower Schwarzseewaal. In earlier times, these irrigation canals were often the only way that farmers could supply their agricultural land with water. Through irrigation, they made a huge contribution to the cultural development of agricultural grounds and the economic development of the region. The irrigation canals no longer serve their original purpose, however they have lost nothing of their appeal as witnesses of a chequered history.

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